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Source of Funding Disclosures

Certain Lobbyists and Clients devoting substantial resources to Lobbying activity in NYS must publicly disclose funding sources.
Need to Know
Information on Legacy and Present Filings
Disclosure Information

The Lobbying Act and 19 NYCRR Part 938 require lobbyists who lobby on their own behalf and clients of lobbyists, who devote substantial resources to lobbying activity in New York State, to publicly disclosure each source of funding over $2,500 for that lobbying (that amount was $5,000 until September 2016). The purpose is to give the public more information about who is behind efforts to influence government decision making.   

The disclosed 'Amount of Contribution' on the Source of Funding forms does not show the full amount of each Contribution that is not specifically designated for lobbying in New York. Instead, it is the product of (i) the dollar amount of the total Contribution and (ii) the Client Filer's Reportable Compensation and Expenses divided by Total Expenditures. The Amount of Contribution shall also include, in addition to the amount yielded by this formula, any Contribution specifically designated for lobbying in New York.


Where to locate Source of Funding Filings
  • 2012 and 2013 Source of Funding disclosures were made as paper filings, processed, and then made publicly available on the  Commission's website below.
  • Starting in January 2014, those disclosures were made as part of client semi-annual reports and may be viewed in the Commission's legacy online filing system.
  • Source of Funding Disclosures submitted in the 2019-2020 Biennial period can be viewed by clicking on the 'Search by Disclosure Type' button from the interactive public search query.
Exemption Information

Client Filers who would otherwise be required to disclose their sources of funding may apply for an exemption from that disclosure. Applications which include requests for confidentiality for submitted materials will be published on this website subsequent to review by the Commission as to the merits of the request for confidentiality.

  • Requests for exemptions to the Source of Funding requirements, as they are made public by the Commission, continue to be made publicly available on the Commission's website. 
  • Exemption materials for 2014 – present can be viewed by using the filters and keyword search options on this web page.