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    Public Officers Law handbook for State Employees and Officials

    This handbook contains in its entirety a comprehensive list of the State's ethics laws that apply to State officers and employees.  Includes sections 73, 73-a, 74, 75, 76, 77 and 78 of the Public Officers Law which are required to those employees who must complete the Public Officers Law Section 78 Public Officer Oath/Affirmation provided by the New York Department of State. 

    For best results when printing, select double-sided and 'Fit' in the 'Page Sizing & Handling' menu item.  

    Revised 8/31/2022




    JCOPE Guide to Lobbying Reporting - 2018 and Prior Years ONLY

    A comprehensive guide to the reporting obligations outlined in Legislative Law Article 1-A also known as the Lobbying Act. Detailed information is provided for Filers and subject matter areas that may require additional disclosures under the Lobbying Act.  Refer to this Guide for 2018 Filings and prior years.




    Quick Reference Guide to the State's Ethics Laws

    A resource for those newly employed into State service.  Provides an overview of the State's ethics laws including conflicts of interest, acceptance of gifts and outside employment.  Recommended for distribution for all new public sector hires. 

    Effective through July 7, 2022




    Responsibilities of the Agency Ethics Officer

    The Public Officers Law and Commission's ethics regulations create legal obligations for both agencies and their officers and employees. For this reason, each agency should designate an Ethics Officer to provide guidance to these individuals on compliance with the ethics laws.  This publication provides an overview of the role that Ethics Officers serve in that capacity.   

    Revised August 2022



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The Communications and Public Information Office is the point of contact for the public and members of the press with questions about the Commission's mission and to request access to records such as the financial disclosure statements filed by state officials and employees, the statewide elected officials, members of the Legislature and legislative employees. 

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