Registration and Reportable Business Relationship ('RBR') Information

Overview: Statements of Registration

The Lobbying Act requires the filing of a biennial Lobbyist Statement of Registration (“Registration”).  A Registration is a forward-looking document that captures the actual and anticipated Lobbying Activities, including the Focuses and Parties that you expect to lobby, during the biennial (two-year) period.  Registrations must be filed by a Lobbyist who is retained, employed, or designated to lobby, and exceeds or reasonably anticipates exceeding  the $5,000 threshold for combined Reportable Lobbying Compensation and Expenses at the State and/or Municipal Level in a calendar year.  Lobbyists who have exceeded or anticipate exceeding the threshold must file a Registration for every Client on whose behalf the Lobbyist lobbies, regardless of the Compensation or Expenses paid by each Client individually.

What follows is the information to help you get ready to file a Registration. 

Filing Due Dates

Registration Filing Instructions


    Coalition Filing Requirements

    Beginning with the 2021 Biennial Registration Period, the Commission’s regulations have been amended to simplify and clarify how Lobbying Activity by Coalitions should be disclosed. The following guidance will assist a Coalition in determining whether it is required to file Lobbying Reports as a Coalition, or if, instead, its Members are required to disclose their Coalition Contributions in their own Lobbying Reports. Applicable for filing years 2023 through 2021.  

    Revised 11/1/2022




    How to Properly Disclose Lobbying Activities Information

    Please reference this document PRIOR to disclosing Lobbying Activities in the Lobbyist Statement of Registration, Lobbyist/Public Corporation Bi-Monthly Report, Disbursement of Public Monies Bi-Monthly Report, and the Client Semi-Annual Report.  Applicable for the 2019-2020 and 2021-2022 Biennial.

    Revised 11/28/2022



Lobbying Agreement Forms, Unexecuted Lobbying Agreement Forms, Sample Letters, and Coalition Questionnaire


    Designation Sample Letter

    This sample letter allows a chief administrative officer of an organization to designate another individual to make and sign statement(s) and/or report(s). A "Designation Letter" is not necessary for filers utilizing the online filing system.

    Please Note - The chief administrative officer may designate another to sign and file the reports, but this designation does not relieve the chief administrative officer of liability due to a failure to file, late filing or false filing of any report(s).


    Revised 10/31/2022




    Sample Letter: Explanation Lapse for 2019-2020 Filings

    This sample letter can be used if (1) the Lobbying Agreement was not executed by a Client within 15 days of the date on which the Lobbyist agreed to – or was authorized to – begin Lobbying Activity (the start date); or (2) there is a ‘gap in time’ from the expiration (end date) of a Lobbying Agreement already on file with the Commission, and the start date of a ‘new’ extended agreement.

    Only valid for Filings for the 2019-2020 Biennial Period. 




    Coalition Questionnaire

    This is for use by Coalitions to determine if any members of the Coalition exceed the $5,000 Compensation and Expenses threshold and would need to be listed as Beneficial Clients.  Only applicable for the 2019-2020 Biennial.




The process of terminating in the new lobbying application is currently under review and is unavailable to the filer at this time. Therefore, in the event a filer needs to terminate before this feature becomes available or until further instruction is provided, please notify the Commission either by mail, to 540 Broadway, Albany NY 12207 or via email, to [email protected]. Notification of a termination must be submitted by an authorized person (CAO or DA) and must provide the information requested in these sample letters.

Please note - requirements for when a Termination notice needs to be sent have changed in the Comprehensive Lobbying Regulations. Please refer to the regulations, specifically Part 943.10, for more information.    

This termination procedure is temporary and will likely change for future filings once the lobbying application begins processing terminations. Please contact Commission staff should you have any questions regarding compliance so that we can advise you on the best form of action.

Commission staff will notify you as soon as your termination has been processed.

Reportable Business Relationship Filing Instruction and Questionnaire


    Reportable Business Relationship Questionnaire

    This is for use by a Lobbyist or Client Organization to send to its equity partners, officers, directors or High-Level Individuals, as applicable, to determine whether such persons have Reportable Business Relationships that must be disclosed by the Lobbyist or Client Organization. 


    Revised 11/4/2022



PDF Forms for 'Paper Filers'

Refer to the applicable how to file instructions PRIOR to completing the form.

Lobbying Application Instructions

Instructions for navigating the online Lobbying Application.

Contact Lobbying Filings Specialist

For technical assistance, or help with Registrations, Lobbyist Bi-Monthly reports, Client Semi-Annual reports, and other lobbying-related disclosure forms, the Lobbying line is available from 8:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. Eastern Time, Monday through Friday, by contacting the main Commission phone number.


Contact us by phone:

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