Political Party Chair Training

Information regarding the mandatory ethics training requirement for individuals who file Annual Statements of Financial Disclosure and serve in Political Party Chair positions on the State and local level.


Executive Law § 94(8) requires Political Party Chairpersons, as defined in Public Officers Law § 73(k), to receive training on the State’s ethics laws and financial disclosures to which they are subject.  Public Officers Law § 73(1)(k) defines the term “Political Party Chairperson” as:

  1. The chairman of the state committee of a party, elected as provided in Election Law § 2-112, and his or her successor in office;
  2. The chairman of a county committee, elected as provided in § 2-112 of the election law, and his/her successor in office, from a county with a population of 300,000 or more, who receives compensation or expenses, or both, totaling $30,000 or more in a calendar year; or
  3. That person (usually designated by the rules of a county committee as the “county leader” or “chairman of the executive committee”) who pursuant to the rules of a county committee or in actual practice, possesses or performs any of the duties or roles enumerated in Public Officers Law § 73(1)(k)(iii)(A)-(F) provided that such person was elected from a county having a population of 300,000 or more or was a person who received compensation or expenses, or both, from constituted committee or political committee funds, or both, totaling $30,000 or more during the reporting period.


Instructions to fulfill the training requirement

  1. View the attached self-paced presentation. 
  2. Once you have read through the materials, please log into the FDS Online Filing System to access the "Affirmation of Completion."