2021 Annual Report and Related Data

2021 Annual Report and Related Data

2021 Annual Report

Section 94(9)(l) of the Executive Law and § 1-d(g) of Legislative Law 1-A (the “Lobbying Act”), mandate that the Joint Commission on Public Ethics (“Commission”) annually report on and summarize its activities. In accordance with the law, the Commission issues this report for the calendar year 2021 including data relating to ethics and lobbying regulation.

Lobbying Datasets

The datasets on this page provide data for 2021 regarding the disclosures of lobbyists, clients, and public corporations. This is information useful to researchers, members of the media, and the general public to get a better sense of who is spending what to influence governmental decision-making in New York State. These datasets are published in spreadsheet format featuring financial data filed by lobbyists and their clients, and include the names of the Principal Lobbyist, Contractual Client, Beneficial Client, the compensation and reimbursed expenses paid by the Client to the Lobbyist, and any reported Coalition contributions.

Additionally, our Public Search Query and Reports (found on the Public Data page) allow the public to access standardized reports and create customized queries, which can be downloaded as spreadsheets for further analysis. Once on the Public Data page, you can access the Public Search Query from the 'Lobbying Data on Demand' section. (Information about Lobbyist Disbursements of Public Monies, which was previously included in the datasets, can now be found through the Public Search Query.) If you scroll down just past that section, you can access lobbying reports through the 'Alphabetical and Other Reports' section. 

Financial List

These are spreadsheet versions of the lists that are attached to the end of the Annual Report as Appendix D.

Press Release

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The Communications and Public Information Office is the point of contact for the public and members of the press with questions about the Commission's mission and to request access to records such as the financial disclosure statements filed by state officials and employees, the statewide elected officials, members of the Legislature and legislative employees. 

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